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In the design phase first rough calculations are performed to ensure the general feasibility. The calculations are updated, refined and supplemented by other elements in the course of construction and over again. An important prerequisite for a correct calculation is stress analysis.

We carry out, among others, the following calculations:

Fundamental design elements

  • Beam analysis (static strength analysis FEM)

  • Simple shaft calculation (DIN 743)

  • Extended shaft calculation (DIN 743)

Shaft-Hub connections

  • spline shafts

  • keyway

  • split hub

  • conical fittings

  • clamping elements

  • toothed shafts

  • Polygon profiles

  • Cylindrical crimped connection

Studs and pins

  • cross bolt

  • longitudinal pins

  • cross pins


  • spur gears

  • toothed racks

  • bevel and hypoid gears

  • worm gear

Belts and Chains

  • toothed belt

  • drive belt

  • roller chains

Roller Bearing

  • all kind of bearings

Sliding Bearing

  • axial sliding bearing

  • radial sliding bearing

Screw Connections

  • highly stressed bolted connections (VDI 2230) standard and extended version

  • motion screws

  • torque load connections

  • console connections

Elastic Springs

  • cup springs

  • torsion springs

  • pressure spring

  • tension spring

  • torsion bar spring

Welded Seams

  • welds and weld connection cross-sections

Adhesive Joints

  • tensile, shear and torsion-stressed adhesive joints


  • pump design

  • Pressure losses in pipes

  • Pipe wall calculation

Drives, Gears
Hydrostatic Guideways
Hydrostatic Spindle Bearings
Linear Guideways

All calculations are documented and can be supplied as an option. Of course we are also happy to recalculate existing designs.

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