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Transmission design
Gears are used to transmit and transformation of forces, energy or forces or torques. Mechanical transmission systems are roughly divided into

  • Gear and friction gearing

  • belt and chain drive

  • helical gearing

  • Coupled gear (crank gear)

  • cam gear

All Gears transfer and convert

  • speeds

  • directions of rotation

  • torques

  • forces

For every application case it must be examined which transmission principle is the optimum in terms of performance, space and cost.

Toothed belt gear, Ball screw spindle with rotating nut
Toothed belt gear, Ball screw spindle with rotating nut

Gear calculation
We calculate gears generally according to DIN 3960 and DIN 3990 Method B / C.
Also changing speed or torque can be made easily to existing transmissions by individual wheels or wheel sets to be replaced, eg. change gears for thread cutting.
Of course we also create the corresponding manufacturing documents.

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