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Hydraulic / Pneumatic

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Hydraulic / pneumatic (fluid power)

Few machines come without the use of fluid power to the application. The fluid technology meets us in almost all areas of industry.

Hydraulic Benefits

  • Generation of large forces and torques in a small space and light weight

  • Continuous change of speed and rpm

  • Starting even under full load

  • Low moments of inertia hydraulic motors

  • Simple display of forces (pressure gauge)

  • Easy overload protection (pressure relief valve)

  • Easy conversion of rotary motion in the longitudinal motion

  • Continuous change in the translation

  • Ease of use in hazardous areas

Hydraulik Disadvantages

  • Relatively high cost

  • High requirement of purity of the liquids

  • High pressure losses over long distances

  • Strong temperature dependence

  • Poor efficiency

  • Slip between the input and output

  • Environmental protection requirements

  • Return line

Pneumatic Benefits

  • Easy storage of compressed air

  • Central Supply

  • Long transmission paths possible due to low pressure losses

  • No need for return line

  • Ease of use in hazardous areas

Pneumatic Disadvantages

  • Low pressure (max. 10 bar), for low forces only

  • Uniform motions not possible due to compressibility

  • Noises when exiting the air

  • Corrosion caused by humidity

We offer non-proprietary cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your needs. Configuration is carried out together with the supplier of your choice. All necessary calculations, plans and equipment lists are created by us, you will be ordered ripe documents. We will gladly help you later during commissioning in your house.

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