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Design of spindle-bearing systems
The Design of spindle systems is of central importance for the machine tool. The possible cutting performance and the quality of the workpieces are directly dependent on the performance of the spindle system.

Requirements of a spindle-bearing system
Spindle systems are the interface to the tool / workpiece and take the processing forces. They have a major impact on the productivity of the machine and must meet the following requirements:

  • high speed

  • high torques

  • high running accuracy (radial, axial)

  • high stiffness

  • good damping

  • low friction

  • thermally stable

  • long lifetime

  • rigid interface to the tool / workpiece

  • automatic tool clamping

  • Coolant supply to the tool

  • Leakage proofed against liquids and dust

  • maintenance-free and reliable

  • low cost

The central task in the design of a spindle bearing system is the determination of the bearing and its layout. The following design principles have been proven:

  • Tapered roller bearings

  • Cylindrical roller bearings in conjunction with Axial angular contact ball bearings

  • Angular contact ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings

  • Pure angular contact ball bearing solution (possibly hybrid bearings for extremely high speeds)

  • Hydrostatic bearing

Hydrostatic Spindle System
Hydrostatic Spindle System
Roller bearing spindle system
Roller bearing spindle system
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